How To Get More Guest Reviews using TripAdvisor Review Express and Softinn Extranet

TripAdvisor Review Express let you, as a hotel owner, send review request to your guests. Not many of Softinn users has been using this technology considering the works required in order for it to work. With the recent updates announced, Softinn Extranet make collecting guest reviews even easier with our integration with TripAdvisor Review Express.

Below is the one-time setup required to turn On TripAdvisor Review Express on Softinn


  1. Login to Softinn Extranet.
  2. Navigate to More > Sell.
  3. Look for “Get More Review with TripAdvisor Review Express” widget from the list.
  4. Check the status of your property under “Review Express Status”.
    • ON: This status means your property is using Review Express and your guests will receive a review request automatically within 2 days upon check-out.
    • OFF: This status means your property is listed on TripAdvisor but you haven’t turn Opt-In / Turn On Review Express yet. Please follow through the steps below to turn On Review Express.
    • NOT LISTED: This means your property is not listed on TripAdvisor yet. Kindly submit your listing at Please take note that it takes one to two weeks for TripAdvisor to list your property after your submission.
  5. Go to TripAdvisor Review Express
  6. Search your property on the text box.
  7. Click “Use Review Express” to opt-in this service.
  8. If you haven’t claim your listing, you will be prompt to do so. If you had claimed your listing, make sure you sign-in to TripAdvisor using the login and then proceed with the steps given.
  9. TripAdvisor will take 24 hours to update your listing status.
  10. Viola. Done. Check the status of your request mentioned in Step 4, it takes few hours to go live. Once your status turned “On”, your guests will start received review request.




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