New Features: Softinn Integrated with TripAdvisor Review Express

For those who has been trying to get more guest reviews on TripAdvisor, we have a good news for you. We all know that properties with positive reviews on TripAdvisor see 10% to 25% (1) increase in their booking conversions compare to properties without reviews. But none of our merchants has been collecting reviews on TripAdvisor effectively.

For those who are new to TripAdvisor Review Express, it is an easy way for you to collect valuable traveler reviews and confidential feedback from your guest after they check-out from your place.

As you can see from the video above, prior Softinn Extranet integration with TripAdvisor Review Express, you were required to fill in the guest details manually at TripAdvisor Dashboard in order for them to send the review request to your guest on your behalf. This explain why the low adoption of the technology among Softinn Extranet users. But that won’t be necessary after our integration.

With our recent update dated 15.May.2016, review request will be send automatically to your guest within 2 days after their check-out. With our system integration with TripAdvisor, Softinn Extranet will inform TripAdvisor automatically within 2 days after your guest check-out from your place. And then, TripAdvisor will send the review request using the info provided by Softinn on your behalf. 

How To Turn On TripAdvisor Review Express using Softinn Extranet

Please take note that you will need to Opt-in / Turn On in order for this feature to work. To Opt-in / Turn On TripAdvisor Review Express on Softinn Extranet, please follow the instructions given –

Turn On TripAdvisor Review Express


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