Softinn won Echelon Asia 2016 Top 100 Startup Search

Yes, we were crown as the champion of Echelon Asia Top 100 Startup Search at Singapore in conjunction with the Echelon Asia Summit 2016.

Softinn compete with 10 selected startups which were chosen from the earlier qualifying rounds across Asia (including Central Asia) and were presided by

1. Takashi Sano, Venture Partner, Global Brain
2. Plern Tee Suraphongchai, Partner, Venturra Capital
3. Carmen Yuen, Investment Director, Vertex Ventures
4. Yong Soo Ping, 2nd Vice President, Walden International
5. Koichi Saito, General Partner, KK Fund

Thanks E27 for organizing the summit and being the true believer of the ecosystem and Thanks to all the people who has helped Softinn over the years. We were humbled.


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