EcoHomz Is Using Softinn Cloud Reservation System

Ecohomz is a Malaysian local service provider that connect every property owners from different background in Malaysia with people from all over the world. Ecohomz is headquartered in Kuala Lumpur. This idea of Ecohomz comes from the founder’s passion for travelling and meeting new friends from all walks of life around the globe.

EcoHomz is clear about what a traveller needs and wants. As a traveller themselves, they know that personalised guest experiences are definitely important even if it just the accommodation that we are talking about. In coming age, this phenomenon may become a trend whereby most of the travellers would choose to stay at a vacation rental rather than the ordinary hotel in order to experience travelling through a more holistic and immersive adventure.

Besides, Ecohomz understands that people love foods, and explore places that the locals like, or perhaps the occasionally visits R&B or Jazz Bar on a special day. Therefore, they want to make sure that the customers are provided with accurate tips to travel like a Malaysian.

Ecohomz is a nature lover as they are picking up pallets to recycle it and produce them with distinctive design and fit in as EcoHomz furniture instead of letting those pallets to be thrown into a landfill. They figured out that by adding eco-friendly pallet furniture can have an impeccable ability to the comfort, humbleness and instantly putting fresh, earthy tones into four walls, the kind of warmth that turns a House, a Home.

Ecohomz is here to connect every property owners from different backgrounds in Malaysia with every guest from all around the world; creating a vibrant homestay, vacation rental scene in Malaysia!

Customer satisfaction is prioritized by Ecohomz. They look themselves as a host to any traveller, adventurer or soul who seeks for a home away from home.

Ecohomz is using Softinn Solutions Cloud Reservation System to speed up their vacation home rental system and making their transaction more secure. Softinn is in the business of building booking engine and hotel website that can cater to boutique hotel, chain hotel, budget hotel and homestay.


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Softinn Solutions Sdn. Bhd. is an emerging travel technology company that develops a cloud-based hotel reservation system for small and medium-sized hotels. Learn how we help hundreds of hotels better manage their business and increase sales by visiting our homepage.

Softinn is headquartered in Melaka, Malaysia.

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