Softinn Ventured into Indonesia (46 merchants went live)

As some of you might already know, Softinn has been signing up merchants in Indonesia since March 2017.

Today, we have finally set foot in Indonesia with a physical office presence and a local representative. Below is our office address in Indonesia (it’s closed to Grand Indonesia, Jakarta).

Address: Suite No. M6602, The Plaza Office Tower, 41st Floor, Jl. M.H. Thamrin, Kav 28-30, Jakarta, 10350, Indonesia. (Google Map Link –

Phone: (62)21 29926899


Early Adopters in Indonesia

We are grateful to learn that we are welcomed like home in Jakarta and Bali even though we are relatively new there. For payment gateway, we work with Doku. Thanks to Pak Boy at Doku who help us to understand the user behavior in Indonesia and DOKU internal technical team for payment gateway integration (completed on 2 May).

First booking sales transacted on 11 May amounting IDR 3,592,000 for our first merchant Hotel Puri Denpasar.

Below are some of the hotels and villas that have signed up to use Softinn. To-date, we have 46 merchants in Indonesia, there are still more in the pipelines.

Aswana Bali Seminyak

Puri Denpasar Hotel

Rota Hotel Jakarta (5% discount promo code – SOFTINNVIP)

Casa de Apple

More can be found on – Softinn Customer Case Studies


and.. We broke our Daily Sales Record back in Malaysia!

Last Friday (18.Aug.2017), we broke our daily sales record!

MYR 21,585.40 sales transaction recorded in 24 hours. We set the MYR 20K target mark few months back when we hit the MYR 10K record. Next target is to hit MYR 40K as soon as possible!

As our ritual, we recorded this milestone with everyone’s signature on a ‘clapperboard’ to serve as a reminder and appreciation of the team effort.

What’s Next?

Every new merchants and countries we ventured into taught us new things. We wish to put what we’ve learnt from you guys to improve our products and to serve you better!

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