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Softinn Product Update – 2023-04-11 – v4.1.0

We released v4.1.0 in April 2023. This version focuses on enhancing the user experience for our PMS users. It included several features that were requested by our users, namely rate plan name in PMS Guest Folio, PMS Checkout Guest Report, as well as improvements to PMS Transaction Journal and Folio Transaction Report.

If you’re one of our PMS users, you can now see rate plan names in PMS Guest Folios. This update may seem to be a rather simple one, but it is helpful to users who use rate plans for reservations to verify the room rates straight from the Guest Folio page.

We released the PMS Check-Out Guest report in this update. This report contains the list of guests who will check out or have checked out within the date range set. By default, we set the date range to the current date. You can select other date range to display more data. The report is populated based on the reservation checkout date.

PMS Check-Out Guest Report

You can also export this report to Excel or PDF files.

Another important update included in this version is the improvements to the PMS Transaction Journal and PMS Transaction Report (Folio Transaction Report). The improvements we have made are as follow:

  • Transaction Report has been renamed to Folio Transaction Report.
    • This is to prevent further confusion and misunderstanding. This report will list all the transactions happening on your Guest Folios.
  • Marking “Advance Deposit Transfers”
    • This is to distinguish between advance deposits being transferred as payment and regular payments.
  • Move Transactions reported as “Moved In” or “Moved Out”
    • A move transaction action will result in two entries to Folio Transaction Report and Transaction Journal
    • “Moved Out” shows that the transaction has been moved out of the folio.
    • “Moved In” shows that the transaction has been moved into the folio.

If you faced any issues in using our products after this update, please feel free to reach out to our team for assistance.

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