How to Update Number of Available Room

1. Log into our Softinn Extranet System. ( You will be taken to our “Dashboard”.


2. Click on “Calendar” on top of the page.


3. It will lead you to “Calendar”, then choose the room type which you wish to update its number of availability.


4. At the table below your calendar, choose the date that you wish to update the number of available room by clicking on the “Edit Button” (circled in red).


5. The edit form will then pop up for you to key in the details. Fill in the “Unit” which you want to allocate and “Rate” for that particular date.  After that, click on “Save changes” and you are done.capture







What Content To Put On Homestay Website

One of the ways to get users to read about your blog is the content that you will share publicly. A good content can always pull user back to your blog but quality content takes a lot of time to develop and is a true work of art.


  1. About Us Info

Put a brief background of the homestay. There is nothing worse than reading something without a personal approach. Put your vision of how you want your guests to view your homestay.

FireShot Capture 16 - About - Melaka Mel_ - http___melakamelakahomestay.blogspot.my_p_blog-page.html.png


  1. Social Media Links

Do not forget to include your links of your Facebook, Twitter or Google+ account so that users will know how to contact you for future reference.

FireShot Capture 13 - Reservation - Me_ - http___melakamelakahomestay.blogspot.my_p_reservation.html.png


  1. Reviews

One way to get other customers to your homestay is testimonials from previous customers. This is the key to sell your room. You can try a video review which would achieve a better outcome.

FireShot Capture 21 - Meet Alma I The world's first truly integrated SIS _ - http___www.getalma.com_.png


  1. Contact Info

A contact page is important so that users can connect with you immediately. Give easy direction guide even better add Google Maps into your blog.

FireShot Capture 15 - Contact - Melaka Mel_ - http___melakamelakahomestay.blogspot.my_p_contact.html.png


  1. Call To Action Button

This is often not taken seriously. Adding booking widgets to your homestay website will prompt users to click. You can visit here to see how to install booking engine to your Blogspot.

FireShot Capture 8 - Reservation - Mel_ - http___melakamelakahomestay.blogspot.my_p_reservation.html.png


  1. Gallery

Having an image gallery is a great way to share the surrounding of your homestay to users. A picture is worth a thousand words so the key to attract customers is good photos. You can click here to get reference on how to take good photos.

FireShot Capture 24 - Gallery - Melaka Mel_ - http___melakamelakahomestay.blogspot.my_p_gallery.html.png


These are some of the few “must-have” content on your websites. Give these tips a try. Happy blogging!

(Credits: GetAlma, Webtegrity)

How To Install Softinn Booking Engine On Blogspot

Get your free booking engine here

Even if you have a great blog website for users to view but they cannot do any reservations then it will not benefit you. Follow these simple steps to add Softinn Booking Engine to your blog or view this video.
1. Sign In to your Softinn Extranet account.

Screenshot (91).png


2. Click the More tab and choose Sell.

Screenshot (92).png


3. Click Install Direct Booking Engine which will direct you to the booking page. You can also click Check this guideline if you are lost.

Screenshot (93).png


4. Copy the link of the booking engine page.

Screenshot (94).png


5. Copy the code below and put your booking URL into the space provided.


It should look something like this after putting the booking engine link in.

 src="" width="100%" height="800">


6. Open your Blogger account. Select new post and click HTML. Paste the code with the booking engine URL into the new post.

Screenshot (78).png


7. Then click Compose to view and this is how it should show up in your blog. Then click Save and Publish.

Screenshot (80).png


Here is how it should appear on your blog when you click Preview.

Screenshot (96).png


Now you can add booking engine to your Blogspot account for your homestay reservation. Your customers can now do booking anytime anywhere. Hope this helps!