How To Increase Page Visits & Web Traffic to Hotel Website

How to increase direct bookings on your hotel website? Prior to sales conversion on your hotel website, the first criteria is to attract page visitors visiting your official website. There are many ways to do so but I try to categorize them into two categories – Organic Traffic vs Paid Traffic.

Organic Traffic

Organic traffic means page visits that landed on your website via a link to your website or via your official website URL. Organic Traffic can come from

  • Google Search Result – say if your website is found when someone search for “Hotel near Kuala Lumpur City”.
  • Referral Link – referral link is like a word of mouth, a website decided to add your website URL in their website or blog or articles.
  • Repeating Customers – customers who has your website URL (via printed brochures, flyers or digital media) visiting your site directly. Or it can be a customers who have stayed at your hotel previously and decided to visit your website to book direct on your hotel website.


Paid Traffic



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