How To Make Your Booking from Softinn Extranet

Softinn Extranet provides a simple way on how to make booking in a few steps

Firstly, choose the More and then Sell tab .

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Next, click on the “Install Direct Booking Engine” button and you will be directed to the booking page.



Select your desired checking-in and out date based on the calendar. Once you are done, click on the Check Price button to select the type of room.


The system will then select the suitable rooms based on your booking date


Next, you may select the number of people by clicking the Show all . The system will then select the rooms based on the number of people you entered.

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You may select your room by clicking the Add To Cart button. The room will then be added-on to your cart. Next, click on the Next Step button to proceed with your booking.

Note: You may remove your cart by simply clicking on the cancel button right next to your Add To Cart button.


You may check then confirm your selected booking at the booking cart summary. Click on Next and you will be directed to enter your details.


Fill in your personal details here. Once you are done, click on Next to proceed to the next step.


You will see your personal details entered in this page. Once you have verified it, click on the Book Now button to confirm your booking. The confirmation email and text message containing your pending purchase is sent to you.


Head to your email inbox to retrieve your booking reservation. Click on the  Make Payment” button and you will be directed to the payment page.


From here, you may choose your preferred payment based on the options available


By selecting PayPal for instance, fill in your banking details.


Lastly, once you are done filling in your banking details, you will be directed to the payment confirmation page. You may either click on the Print Ticket button to retrieve your ticket or Get Direction button to get the location to your hotel.


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 In case you prefer video tutorial, refer the below.

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