How Hotel Folds Their Bed

The way of folding the bed will not only bring the whole room together but provides us a better night’s rest. We can easily get the similar premium, luxurious, fancy look on our bed that you find in hotels as the art of folding a hotel bed has to be appropriate, satisfactory and pleasing to the eyes of the guests staying there. By watching the video below, it shows the steps taken on how hotel folds their bed.

The sequence of making up a bed is to layer it similar to a “Bed Sandwich”. Firstly, start from the bottom, then the top sheet. If there is another top sheet as the top layer, leave some extra space at the top of this sheet to fold over the layer that comes in between.

Modern elegant twin room interior

Firstly, on how hotel folds their bed, the edges need to be even at the foot and sides.

At times, the use of subtle pins is to grapple the sheet in place. Next, fully tuck the fitted sheets is important to keep the bed in place and not to come off easily.

The finishing touches after making up the sheets, if the blanket is slightly shorter than the sheet, simply pull it down from the mattress rather than up from the bottom. Undoubtedly, the bottom and side edges have to be as even with the sheet as possible.


Have you ever wondered why the pillow placement is usually sitting up? The pillows are well placed to make sure that they don’t get dirty as the sides of the bed have to be free from dust or bed bugs.

The more pillows added to the bed the more luxurious it appears since the pillows could put on some fluff to look comfortable.

Below is the tutorial on how to fluff pillows.







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