SME Solution Expo 2016

The SME Solutions Expo 2016 is a trade-show established specifically for the interest of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), allowing both exhibitors and visitors alike to forge new business opportunities. In-line with the objectives of the organizer, Softinn participated in the expo (at Booth 20) to showcase our cloud solution to SME hotels and travel businesses.

Given the current market sentiments in Malaysia, many small businesses owners attended the expo to search for solutions, services and strategic partners to grow their businesses. We were glad to learnt that some of the hotel owners and homestays owners who visited our booth were introduce by our existing users (the power of word of mouth)!

The crowd that showed up at the Expo were quality attendees (mainly business owners) but I was told by some of the exhibitors there were less attendees this year. Not sure why, I would guessed it’s because there’s a few expos running in the subsequent weeks (both before SME Expo 2016 and after).

We had also presented some tips on how to optimize your hotel bookings / homestay bookings on stage on second days of the expo. For those who had missed it, here’s a summary of “How to increase direct bookings”

  • Build a great hotel branded website. Focus on content, photos (at least 8 photos per room type) and include customer reviews.
  • SEO. Make sure your hotel website is ranked No.1 when a guest search your hotel brand on Google. You don’t want to lose your guest who search your brand to OTA.
  • Create “Instagram-able” space at your hotel so your guest would take selfies and share on their social networks.

Below are some of the photos taken at the Expo. Thanks to all of those who showed up at our booth and says ‘Hi’ to us! We met some of you who has been our users for years and have yet to meet the team in-person. 

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