Softinn Product Update – 2020.09.22 – v2.63.00

It’s been a little while, but here’s some more product updates!

  1. While we don’t want to encourage mistakes, we’ve got to admit that it’s sometimes impossible to avoid every single one of them (e.g. Checking-out a guest while some reservation details are incorrect). So, we have expanded the ability to reinstate reservations, so that you can reverse any reservations to their previous status (e.g. Checked-out to checked-in, so that you can update the reservation details again). We recommend only allowing certain users access to this feature, by the way.

  2. Our Sales Report in Extranet has been improved! Now it comes with more data to give you a better idea on how your business is doing.

  3. Ever wanted to customize what information you show on the document headers (folio / invoice / receipt) in PMS? Now you can! Useful for those of you who want to show SST or Tourism Tax ID on your documents, for example.

  4. Our PMS Room Status page is now updated to show more information about housekeeping as well!

  5. Our PMS Audit Summary Report now also supports weekly, monthly, and yearly durations!

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