New Guest Folio

Softinn Product Update – 2021-03-04 – v2.74.0

Our product has been updated! We revamped our PMS Guest Folio with a new look and new features in the latest release. The new features include the creation of multiple folios for one reservation and the ability to void folio transactions.

New guest folio look

With the new look for the guest folio, we have split the transactions into three different tabs,

  1. Folio Transaction. The following types of transactions can be found in this tab:
    • Charges
    • Payments collected and transferred from deposits
    • Refunds for payments
    • Reversals for charges
    • Voids of payments and refunds
  2. Security Deposit. Transactions that can be found in this tab are:
    • Security deposit collected
    • Security deposit transferred/used to pay
    • Refunds for security deposits collected
    • Voids of security deposits collected and refunds
  3. Moved Transactions. Transactions listed in this tab are transactions that have been moved to other folios.

We introduced a new button “Void” that will allow you to void any payment or refund transactions that have been mistakenly recorded. This button is only accessible to users that have been granted the access privilege. If you are unable to see the button, it means that your access is restricted.

Void button on payment transaction

We have removed the buttons to edit transactions. Moving onwards, in order to edit or change any details on the transactions that have been recorded, you will be required to void the transaction and create a new one. To learn more on this new feature, do read our guide on “How to Void Transaction When Your FO Posted Payment to a Wrong Payment Account in Guest Folio?

Along with this new update, you are now able to create more than one folio for a reservation. This will allow you to create separate folios, receipts and invoices for your guests! Just click on the “plus” icon on the left to create a new folio.

Create new guest folio

If you faced trouble with our latest update, the following are guides that can help you:

  1. Introduction to New Guest Folio in Softinn PMS
  2. How to Void Transaction When Your FO Posted Payment to a Wrong Payment Account in Guest Folio?

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