Softinn Product Update - v2.76.0

Softinn Product Update – 2021-04-21 – v2.76.0

We have been busy in the month of April and we are very excited to share with you. With this update, we bring to you the new Reservation Pre-Arrival Web Check-In Service and the ability to manage Softinn BE booking requests in Softinn PMS.

Softinn PMS users, your guests can now begin their check-in process prior to their arrival. Using the new Reservation Pre-Arrival Web Check-In Service, your guests can provide the details of each guest staying and upload the required identification documents. You can then proceed to verify the documents uploaded and proceed with the next steps to check the guest in.

Pre-Arrival Check-In setup page

For pre-arrival web check-in service, you can set the maximum number of hours prior to the set check-in time that your guests can begin the pre-arrival web check-in process. Besides that, you can also specify the documents that you require from the guests.

Reservation Page

You can send an email containing the link for your guest to check in online from the Reservation Page. Your guests will just need to follow the instructions on how to upload their documents in the email sent. It will lead them to the Reservation Pre-Arrival Web Check-In Service page. They will only need to ensure that they have the necessary documents in hand for them to begin.

Once the documents are submitted, an email will be sent to the guests and you can begin verifying the documents. The guests named during the pre-arrival check-in process can be added to the reservation by editing the reservation details.

Pre-Arrival Check-In Document Verification

Apart from Pre-Arrival Web Check-In Service, if you are currently collecting payments on your own for bookings from Softinn Booking Engine, you can now manage your booking requests in Softinn PMS! You can update the status of the requests, leave remarks, confirm the bookings and create reservations for the bookings in Softinn PMS.

Manage Booking Requests in Softinn PMS

For more information on how to use our product after this update, please refer to the following guides:

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