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Softinn Product Update – 2022-02-08 – v3.1.0

Time flies and it is already the second month of 2022. Although it’s a little late, Softinn Product Team wishes you a happy new year! We hope that this new year will bring you good health, prosperity, love, and happiness in the months to come. Our team has been busy bringing you new features and product upgrades this month.

First up is the improvements on the Guest Arrival page. We have upgraded this page and added new features. If you are using our PMS, you now have another option on how to check your guests in.

PMS Guest Arrival Page with check-in features

For each room listed on the Guest Arrival list, you will be notified of the folio status (payment and security deposit collected) and the housekeeping status. You can do the following through this page:

  1. Record payment received from the guests directly to their guest folios.
  2. Record security deposit collected from the guests directly to their guest folios.
  3. Print receipts for guests.
  4. Print guest sign-in form
  5. Add and/or edit main contact as well as room guest details.
  6. Check the guests in.

At the moment, the new features only support checking in one room at a time. We have not extended their functions to support group reservation check-ins.

Next, PMS Reports can now be exported to PDF files. You will find this feature on almost all PMS Reports except for the following:

  1. Sales Report with Collections
  2. Daily Sales Breakdown
  3. Revenue Breakdown
Example of export to Excel and PDF buttons on Occupancy by Room Type page

This new feature comes with access controls. You can now choose who can export the reports to PDF files and who can export the reports to Excel files. By default, all users have access to export the reports to PDF files, and only LodgeOwner users have access to export reports to Excel files.

We have also improved the feature to export PMS Reports to Excel files. We have predefined the printing margins and paper orientation. This will make the process of printing the reports easier.

Softinn CMS users will see changes to our CMS Photos page. We have updated the page to allow you to see the photos you have uploaded at one glance.

Softinn CMS Photo Page

Each photo is clickable to see on full screen. They will appear in gallery mode. You can also manage the photos for your websites are before.

To our Softinn Channel Manager users, we would like to inform you that you are no longer allowed to change your room type built unit through Softinn PMS and Softinn Booking Engine. Please contact our Account team through email ( if you need to update your built unit.

Should you face any difficulties to use our product after this release, please refer to our guide below or contact our team for further information.

Once again, we wish you a happy new year! Let’s hope this Tiger year will bring out the roars in us.

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