Pms Calendar Page

Softinn Product Update – 2022-05-18 – v3.4.0

We are excited this month to bring to you our latest product update, Softinn v3.4.0. This version update focuses on our PMS Calendar page.

If you are one of our PMS users, you will find that we have given the Calendar page a makeover with more features. You can now drag-and-drop as well as resize the blocks to directly make changes to the room reservations.

PMS Calendar Page

With the new upgrade to the PMS Calendar Page, you can do the following:

  1. Swap or change rooms easily. You can drag the reservation to the room that you want to assign the reservation to and save your changes.
  2. Extend and/or shorten room stay. You can resize the reservation block to shorten or extend your guest’s stay.
  3. Access the guest folio, edit reservations, or view reservation details easily. You can right-click on the reservation block and choose what your next actions will be.

In addition to the new features, we also introduced new colour combinations to distinguish reservations by their statuses. The lighter shade of green shows that the reservation is in the past, and the incoming ones are in a darker shade of green.

Should you face any problems using the new features on the PMS Calendar page, please refer to our guideline, the Drag-and-Drop feature on PMS Calendar Page.

Aside from improving PMS Calendar Page, the Team has been busy upgrading our services and technologies on our servers. We strive to perform better and to prevent any issues that would interrupt our users’ operations. The Team is constantly monitoring our new upgrades. That said, we are confident that our services have stabilised. Please do not hesitate to inform us if you are experiencing any issues on our servers.

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