1. Is there an API to cancel a reservation?
    • No
    • All reservations created on PMS will automatically be cancelled by the system (upon night audit) if the guest didn’t check in.
    • The hotel may also cancel the reservation manually using the PMS
  2. Is it possible to get the reservation using the OTA reservation number?
    • No
    • We suggest using the GetArrivalBetweenDateRange to retrieve the list of guest arrivals and then filter in your app by using the Reservation.OTACode.
    • We will include this in the upcoming version 2.
  3. How do I record payment to a guest folio?
    • You may post a payment using the RecordPayment endpointThe payment will be posted to the guest folio of the provided ReservationItemId.
    • ReservationItemId is the Id returned in the ReservationItem endpoint
  4. How do I check the outstanding payment balance of a reservation?
    • Folio balance is available in the Folio.Balance field
  5. How do I search for room availability?
    • You may use the GetAvailabilityByDay endpoint to retrieve the available room. The rates, photos and room details will be returned via this endpoint.

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