Your Hotel Websites Are Now On The Cloud

What does the phrase “on the cloud” actually mean ?

“On The Cloud” means your website runs on Data Centers. Cloud computing means managing, accessing and storing data over the internet rather than storing on your own computer or shared server. There are two Cloud Service Providers in the market – Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure. Softinn has choosen the later – Microsoft Cloud Azure as our Extranet is also runs on the platform. The video below shows exactly where and how your website ran on Microsoft Azure.


Here in Softinn, by using the Azure we are able to monitor the web hosting site server performances of your hotel websites. We believe that by migrating your hotel websites to Microsoft Azure is the best solution in keeping your assets to stay right where you need them. Furthermore, Azure could keep track of your hotel traffic that is directed to the site and analyze the records live in a matter of seconds.

What you receive as your website is hosted on Azure is that 99.99% your website would be up-going and not to mention is the speed ! If your page load is fast you will definitely get lots of page visits !

Similar to the collection of servers, the dashboard that we created also allows us to keep track of any unforeseen circumstances that is happening to the hotel websites whether if it is receiving any traffic or an error has occurred.

In order to assist our merchants by using the Azure, we provide a power backup system for instance, if one of the server crashes, a company’s application might be able to run automatically on another server.