Update: Adding Room Pictures Into The Booking Engine

This post is brought to you by Softinn Solution. In conjunction with the updates of the latest feature which allow hotel and homestay owners to upload and change their properties room image.

For more information regarding the importance of having featured image in a website please scroll to the bottom.

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(Attention to Softinn’s Merchant) How to Upload Image of Your Hotel Room

Step 1: Sign in to Softinn Account (Extranet) by going to https://booking.mysoftinn.com/ and select “More”. Then choose “Room”main-page-extranet

Step 2:  Select “Edit Details”.room-page

Step 3: A Room Editor will pop up. Upload the correct image at Photo Section and then save changes.room-edit-page

Step 4: Once the image has been upload, make sure to check if you have upload the correct image. And then wait for booking to come flooding in!done-update-message

After uploading the image, it will appear in the booking engine.after-upload-image

Visit Softinn Solution to learn the benefits of cloud reservation system and why it is slowly taking over traditional reservation system for hotel and even homestay.

One Picture Paints A Thousand Words

65% of the people learn or make decision through text. Every single day, internet users are flooded with hundreds of posts.

With the ever-rising trend of people searching or browsing through internet. Major social platform like Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat are gaining popularity because they offer information like no other platform. Besides text information, they also offer information in visual.

Here are some tips about the increase influence of visual.

  • 90% of the information our brain receive is visual (including text)
  • Humans remember 80% of what they see (in visual)
  • Websites that use visual aids are 42% more effective in persuading audience or buyers to act.
  • Visual go immediately into long-term memory.

a-picture-is-worth-a-thousand-words-3Image source: hikingartist

Social media and advertisers are not the only industries that will benefit from strong visual strategy. Small business owner like hotel and homestay owners can increase the consumer’s desire to purchase or even help consumer make a decision through visual aids like providing pictures.

Have you notice that application and software which was newly release are more colourful and have more visual appeal to them? There’s a reason for that.


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