Hotel Door Lock Intro and Reviews

Safety and security are one of the important factors in guest’s selection of a hotel. In addition to protecting customers’ safety, luggage, valuables and privacy, good sound insulation door can block outside interference and allow customers to spend the most comfortable holiday at the hotel

Malaysia hoteliers normally follow local regulations while designing their hotel’s safety and security systems, the regulation may be cited as Guidelines On Occupational Safety and Health in Service Sector that gives guidance on the common safety and health matters. Read more on this here.

About Hotel Security System        

Form the hotel side, a good quality and high-performance door is a must. Safety problems will not only lead to a decline in reputation, but will also cause the hotel to bear very serious losses.

Safety issue involves preventing employees and customers within the hotel property from potential death and injury, such as from accidental slips, falls, cuts, burns and so forth, as well as preventing related property damage. To improve safety, many hotel companies have installed electronic locks, fire door, firewall, fire sprinklers, smoke detectors, and closed circuit televisions (CCTVs).

On the other hand, the main function of the door security system is to control unauthorized entries from non-lobby doors and the movement of unwanted persons via stairways, emergency doors or staff entrance, etc.

In addition to electronic locking systems, there are other security systems that have been introduced in the hotel industry, such as motion detector and CCTV.

Security has become a part of daily life.

Traditional Door Lock vs Electronic Door Lock

Traditional key-based door locks are the oldest way used in the hospitality industry today.

Due to the period of ROI could be long and the difficulty in predicting the usefulness in maximizing wealth, the hotel usually rather waits for more than a decade to upgrade to a new lock.

Especially in Malaysia, we can see there is still a various number of budget hotel and homestay are using the obsolete security system in running their business. In addition to causing a decline in safety performance, it will also make guests feel uneasy during their stay.

An electronic door lock is a way to replace a key or add other automation features, such as remote locking or unlocking. Although most common in cars, many cutting-edge security providers are providing electronic door locks for homes and businesses.

Here we list you 3 reasons why a digital look is necessary for your business.

1. Impressing guests

Smart door locks are also a way to highlight the latest technologies in modern technology and hospitality industry. This will not only impress potential customers, but also motivate them, but it will also make you stand out from any competitors that are “behind the times”.

By including this high-security automation safety system, you communicate to your customers that you are willing to invest in new technologies to meet their needs and improve their overall experience in staying in your room. A card-sized magnetic/RFID key not only speeds up the unlocking time but also helps them store it in their wallet.

2. Increase security

People are always worried that any technical alternative to the traditional lock system is vulnerable to hacking. However, this is not the case and smart door locks are very safe. Compared with the traditional key, the smart card can ensure that the same card can not be used for unlocking after they check-out.

In addition, smart cards can also be used on the Elevator Controller to prevent strangers from “visiting” floors that are not related to them.

3. Improve efficiency

In addition to making the key replacement more convenient, It takes more time and money to make a key than to set a card. The electronic savings switch allows the hotel’s energy to be used more efficiently. Guests must remove the card from the energy switch when leaving the hotel.

Even though the smart lock system has been slowly implemented abroad, in Malaysia, the most popular trend is still electronic smart-card locks. Whether it’s an RFID or a magnetic card, still it is undoubtedly more superior than traditional locks.

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