Softinn Product Update – 2020.08.26 – v2.61.00

‘Ello! Another round of updates for you all. We have two major updates today:

  1. If you have “Sync with Softinn BE” (Booking Engine) enabled in Softinn’s PMS, bookings in the BE will automatically create reservations in the PMS! No more going to the “Assign Room” page to create the reservations one by one.
    (Note: This setting was previously only used for syncing allotments from PMS to Extranet. We’ve expanded it to include automatic reservation creation as well.)

  2. We now have Advance Deposits feature in our PMS! (Go to Guest > Advance Deposit) With this, you’ll be able to add advance deposits, apply them into your current folios, or even refund them when needed.

For more details, you can check out these video guide links:

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