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Softinn Product Update – 2021-03-31 – v2.75.0

We’re closing the month of March with some exciting updates! Softinn PMS Reservation Form gets a makeover and now, you can transfer the balance from one guest folio to another guest folio.

All new reservation form

We decided to give our Softinn PMS Reservation Form a makeover to simplify the process of creating and/or editing reservations. With the new look, the process of creating reservations are now separated into five steps,

  1. General Details – where you insert the general details of the reservation, such as the check-in and check-out dates, booking source, and booking code.
  2. Room – where you add at least one room to the reservation. You can specify the details specific to the room such as the number of guests staying in the room and the guest details.
  3. Payment – where the payment details are specified. You can now transfer the guest’s advance deposits to the reservation guest folio. This step can be skipped if there is no payment collected for the reservation.
  4. Security Deposit – where you can insert the amount of security deposit collected for each room as well as the payment method and payment account of the collection. Like in the previous step, this step can be skipped.
  5. Summary – in this step, we display the details of the reservation, together with the rooms under this reservation, total amount charged and total payment and security deposit collected.
Transfer advance deposit in reservation form

As mentioned, you can now transfer the guest’s advance deposit as payment when you create a new reservation. This is possible if the guest has previously made any advance deposit and there is a balance in any of the advance deposits made. This can be done in the “Payment” tab in the reservation form.

You can now transfer the balance of guest folio to another folio as long as the folios are part of the same reservation. This means that the balance can be transferred between the rooms. The balance cannot be transferred to another unrelated reservation.

Transfer guest folio balance

This is only possible if the guests have made a total payment of more than the amount charged. Transferring the balance will create a new payment transaction in both the origin folio and the target folio.

If you are facing problems with our new updates, do refer to our guidelines below. You can also contact us for assistance.

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