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Softinn Product Update – 2022-10-12 – v3.10.0

We bring in the fourth quarter with product updates, mainly focusing on feature improvements and amendments. This version of the update address issues regarding tax setup on Softinn PMS and support for channel manager users, Softinn BE handles on a number of guests as well as the prevention from overbooking cases for channel manager users.

Firstly, we have improved our PMS Tax Module. If you are one of our PMS users, you will see that we have made changes to the terms in the tax setup in order to simplify the process and reduce confusion. You can set up your tax to be calculated from the charges or from the subtotal. You can also set up percentage-type taxes to be calculated on subtotal.

Softinn PMS Tax Setup

The difference between these two settings is how the charge amount will be calculated. Refer to the table below:

Amount Before Tax ($)100.00
Sales & Service Tax 6% ($)(Calculated from charges)6.00
Additional Fee ($ 2.00)(Calculated from charges)2.00
Subtotal ($)108.00
Service Charge 10% ($)(Calculated from subtotal)10.80
Tourism Fee ($ 6.00)(Calculated from subtotal)6.00
Total ($)124.80
Softinn PMS Tax Calculation

The charge amount for taxes that are calculated from charges will be calculated from the amount before tax. If it is a flat rate tax, then the amount will be added to the amount before tax and will be included in the subtotal.

For taxes that are calculated from subtotal, the charge amount will be calculated from the sum of the amount before tax and taxes on charges. For example, service charge 10% and tourism fee, as shown in the table above.

If you have any problems setting up your taxes on Softinn PMS, please refer to this guide – How to Setup Tax Setting on Softinn PMS.

We have also upgraded the PMS Payment Account Mapping for Channel Manager. If you are using Softinn Channel Manager, or STAAH Channel Manager (and connected to Softinn PMS), you can now indicate which tax is collected by your OTA when you set up your Payment Account Mapping on Softinn PMS. By default, if you have mapped your taxes to your booking sources on the PMS, these taxes are assumed to be collected by the OTA. When you map the payment account to the OTA, you can uncheck the box if the tax is not collected by the OTA. This means that you will collect the tax from your guest upon arrival.

Channel Manager Payment Account Mapping

To know more on how to map your payment account for the channel manager, please refer to our guide.

This version of the update also addressed the issue of accidental opening of availability on Softinn PMS Inventory due to reservations without room assigned. In the event that you have reservations without a room assigned, the system will automatically detect this condition and prevent any auto-increment of availability during the duration of these reservations. You can still update the availabilities manually through PMS Inventory. Even with this in place, we strongly advise you to ensure that reservations are assigned with rooms to prevent complications in the future.

PMS Reservation Page

If you have any reservations without a room assigned, there will be an alert message on the Reservation page. You can click on the “Get Reservations Here” link to get the list of affected reservations.

We have a guide on how to Manage PMS Calendar to Free up Room Available in Softinn PMS to help you manage your PMS Calendar in cases where you have reservations without any room assigned.

If you are facing any problems using our products after this version of updates, please feel free to reach out to us for any assistance.

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