Accept Payment via Your Own Payment Gateway Account

Aiming to bring more flexibility for Softinn and Let’s Go Holiday subscribers, we are proud to announce that our merchants can now choose to receive payment via their own payment gateway account.

We currently support below payment gateways and we foresee more to come in the future.

Lesser transaction fee per booking

By opting to use own payment gateway account from the selected providers above, merchants can now enjoy lesser transaction fee per booking which is less than 5%.

If you don’t have any of the accounts above, you can always register with the providers. Refer below on the account registration guide for each payment gateway provider listed:

Faster settlement to your bank account

Using own payment gateway account means faster settlement from the payment gateway to merchant’s bank account too!

The usual settlement to merchant’s account by Softinn happens every 2 weeks, but choosing to receive payment via own payment gateway account will allow merchants to receive settlement faster, in less than 2 weeks.

One thing to note is that as there is always a risk of chargeback case to happen when payment is made via a credit card, it is important for merchants to also be aware on how to handle the case.

We have compiled a guide for our merchants to understand more on how to handle chargeback cases and also some steps that can be undertaken to prevent chargeback from happening here.

Setting up your payment gateway account in Softinn

For Softinn subscribers, you may set to choose your own payment gateway account in the Payment Gateway Settings.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how you can setup your booking payment collection setting in Softinn Extranet.

Set up your own payment gateway account and start collecting guest payment with lesser transaction fee and settlement period today!

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