Softinn Product Update – 2021-06-29 – v2.78.0

We bring to you upgraded features and new controls with this month’s product update, from the new look of our PMS Guest Check-In/Out page to more access controls on report page. We have also added a new report to our PMS Report service as requested by you!

First and foremost, we bring to you our new PMS Check-In, Check-Out, Group Invoice Generation pages. With this upgrade, we aimed to provide more stable check-in/out and invoice generation flow as well as more control for you during these processes. You can choose to check in/out single room using our express check-in/out flow. And you can choose to use the customize the check-in/out or check in/out multiple rooms using our advanced check-in/out flow.

Check out our guide to this upgrade for more information: Introduction to the New Check-In, Check-Out & Generate Group Invoice in Softinn PMS

In addition to this upgrade in the Reservation Module, you can now control the access for users to override the daily rates in reservation forms. Only users who have been granted access will be able to make any changes to the set daily rate. However, you will need to ensure that each room type is mapped to rate plans in order to restrict the access of any users. This is because users without access will not be able to set the daily rate even if the room type does not have any rate plan. Read more about this: User Access to Override Reservation Daily Rates in Softinn PMS.

Last month, we released the upgrade to our PMS Report Service. As such, we decided that it is time to revamp our Report Landing page to give you a better experience, easier access to the reports, and more control over user access to these reports. We have divided our reports into three categories; 1. Daily Reports, 2. Manager Reports, and lastly, 3. Accounting Reports. These reports are easily accessed through their individual tabs as well as the “All” tab.

PMS Report Landing Page

As the number of reports grow, we see the need to tag our reports to allow you to find the reports easily in the “All” tab. The reports can be filtered as well as searched.

In addition to the new categories and tags, you can now choose to restrict the access of your users to each report category. This means that, if the user is only allowed to view “Daily” reports, they will only be able to view the “Daily” tab. Other tabs will be hidden. They are also restricted from accessing the individual report page if they do not have access. Read more about this on our guide: Introduction to the New PMS Report Landing Page & User Access Control to PMS Reports.

Guest Report by State & Country

We added another report into our Report Service. The Guest Report by State & Country is now available on Softinn PMS. The report will show you the number of guests who have stayed at your hotel as well as the number of room nights sold based on the guest’s state and country of residence.

For Softinn Booking Engine users, if you are currently collecting payments on your own or using your own payment gateway, you now have the option to set your Booking Engine to use your own custom privacy policy. This feature is accessible through the Extranet. Please read our guide for more information: Customize Hotel’s Privacy Policy on Softinn Extranet

If you are facing any problem using our products after this update, please refer to our guidelines for more information.

In addition, you may also contact us for further assistance.

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