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Softinn Product Update – 2022-08-02 – v3.7.0

It is already August. This version of updates includes new and improved PMS Guest Departure, PMS Guest In-House as well as support for group check-in on PMS Guest Arrival. We have also released improvements for our Channel Manager users to better support tax calculations.

Softinn PMS Guest Departure page has received a makeover. The new interface matches our PMS Guest Arrival page. Now, you can view folio and transaction statuses for each room that is on Departure status directly on this page.

PMS Guest Departure

You can directly generate receipts, collect payments, refund payments, and refund security deposits on this page. Additionally, you can search for guests and export the list in Excel format.

If you are one of our PMS users, you will also find that we have also upgraded the PMS Guest In-House page. The interface matches the PMS Guest Arrival and Guest Departure pages with additional features and functionalities.

PMS Guest In-House

On the PMS Guest In-House page, you can add charges, collect payments, refund payments, collect security deposits and generate receipts. Folio and room cleaning statuses are also displayed on this page. You can view them at a glance.

We have improved the PMS Guest Arrival page to support group check-in. You can now select multiple reservations and check the guests in at the same time. The process will follow the same flow as on the PMS Reservation page.

In addition to the interface and feature upgrades on our PMS Guest pages, we have also improved our tax calculation for Tax Channel Mapping for Channel Managers. If you are using our Channel Manager, or one of the integrated channel managers (e.g. SiteMinder, Staah), and you wish that the taxes are included automatically in the reservation guest folios for OTA reservations, please enable tax mapping for the channels connected.

The next feature added in this release is for our Softinn Channel Manager users who are connected to Traveloka. We have received feedback that the room charge amounts are not consistent whereby they may or may not include the OTA commission. After weighing the feedback and requests from our users, we decided to add a setting for Traveloka – Rate-Commission Setting.

Channel Manager Traveloka Rate-Commission Setting

You can set this setting on the PMS Booking Source setup page. There are three types of settings:

  1. N/A – This setting means that the Channel Manager will process the reservations as pushed from Traveloka. No changes will be made to the data pushed.
  2. Mark Up Commission – With this setting, all room charge amounts for reservations from this update onwards, will be inclusive of the Traveloka commission.
  3. Mark Down Commission – This setting will ensure that the room charge amount for reservations from Traveloka, pushed from this update onwards, will be exclusive of the OTA commission.

If you are not sure of which setting to choose, please contact your account manager for assistance.

Should you face any difficulties to use our products after this update, please refer to our guides and blog posts.

  1. How to Check-Out A Guest From the Guest Departure Page
  2. Manage the Stayover Guests From the In-House Guests Page
  3. How to Check-In A Guest From the Guest Arrival Page

We are currently working really hard to improve our products and services. Your feedbacks are valuable to our team, and we really appreciate them all.

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