6 Cara Kod Promo Dapat Meningkatkan Pendapatan Perniagaan Anda

Promosi merupakan sejenis taktik pemasaran yang digunakan untuk melanjutkan perniagaan anda dalam masa yang singkat. Softinn Solutions telah mencipta sebuah sistem yang dapat memudahkan para peniaga untuk menbuat pelbagai kod promo. Hal ini membenarkan para peniaga untuk mengubahsuai kod promo mengikut keperluan pelanggan atau musim yang tertentu. Flesibiliti sistem kod […]

Payment Policy

First of all, when a customer make booking online, they have to pay the full payment within 36 hours after the booking has been made. We do not accept deposit. 3 Online Payment method can be done by customer: Credit Card (Visa, Master etc) Bank Transfer (Maybank2u, CIMB Clicks, Public Bank, […]

Softinn won Echelon Asia 2016 Top 100 Startup Search

Yes, we were crown as the champion of Echelon Asia Top 100 Startup Search at Singapore in conjunction with the Echelon Asia Summit 2016. Softinn compete with 10 selected startups which were chosen from the earlier qualifying rounds across Asia (including Central Asia) and were presided by 1. Takashi Sano, Venture Partner, Global […]

How Hotel Folds Their Bed

The way of folding the bed will not only bring the whole room together but provides us a better night’s rest. We can easily get the similar premium, luxurious, fancy look on our bed that you find in hotels as the art of folding a hotel bed has to be […]

Muslim Tag on Marketplaces

When we mentioned about multiconfessional and multicultural society, the first nation that comes into our mind is always Malaysia. Malaysia is a country that not only rich in the sense of natural resources but also their people lifestyles. By virtue of multiconfessional and multicultural society, we tend to experience various […]