PMS Reports Update

Softinn Product Update – 2021-05-27 – v2.77.0

Exciting updates in the month of May! We upgraded our PMS Reports. We give our reports new looks, updated existing reports, and added new reports for your convenience. In addition to these, we added a snippet of daily reservation counts on PMS Dashboard according to reservation status.

PMS Dashboard

The daily numbers of reservations are shown on PMS Dashboard and reported by

  1. Reservations that are newly created today.
  2. Reservations that are arriving today.
  3. Reservations that are currently in-house today.
  4. Reservations that will be checking out today.

Each box is clickable and will direct you to the Reservation page, with a list corresponding to the reservations. The numbers can also be validated through other PMS Reports.

PMS Report Landing Page

We upgraded our PMS Reports to include more reports and upgrade the existing reports. The following are existing reports that have been upgraded:

  1. Booking Source Performance Report
  2. Occupancy Report & Forecast – previously known as Occupancy Report
  3. Audit Summary Report
  4. Room Usage Report
  5. Reservation Made Today – upgraded from Reservation List, reservations listed based on reservation creation date
  6. Reservation By Check-In Date – upgraded from Reservation List, reservations listed based on reservation check-in date
  7. Reservation By Source – previously known as Booking Source Report
  8. Tax Report By Tax Type
  9. Tax Report By Date

We added the following reports:

  1. Room Nights & ADR By Booking Source Report
  2. Occupancy Report By Room Type
  3. No-Show Report
  4. Sales Summary by Transaction Date
  5. Daily Sales Breakdown
  6. Revenue Report & Forecast
  7. Revenue Report & Forecast Breakdown
  8. Folio Balance Tracking Report
PMS Occupancy Report & Forecast

In addition to adding and upgrading the reports, we also added charts and summaries to the reports. You are now able to visualize the data and make better data-driven decisions.

If you face any trouble in using our product after this update, feel free to contact us or refer to our guide posts:

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