Softinn Product Update – 2020.08.11 – v2.60.0

Hello again! We have another round of updates to inform you all about. Let’s get started (for detailed guides in using our products with these changes, please refer to the end of the post):

  1. Our folio page has gone through an update to improve its user-friendliness:
    • We’ve added a security deposit summary near the top of the page, so that front desk staff can see at a glance how much security deposit is currently in hand.
    • Security Deposits can now be used as payments for other charges. To convert security deposits into payments, click on the “Use to Pay” button, select the charge, key in the payment, and you’re done! We’ll create a reversal for the security deposit, and a payment for the selected charge automatically.
    • There are now icons in the folio transactions table to indicate whether the transactions have been settled properly (paid, refunded, etc.)
    • If you’re finding it difficult to spot related transactions (e.g. Which charge is this payment for?), clicking on the transaction will highlight for you the transactions related to it.
  2. We now support rate plans in our reservation form! If you already have rate plans set up, you can use them when creating reservations, and there’s no need to key in the charges manually. If you do not have rate plans set up yet, you can still key in the daily charges separately.
  3. You can now also edit guests right in the reservation form! The changes will be saved when the reservation is created/edited.
  4. For the activity logs, there’s now more details contained in each activity log, even allowing you to view before and after of an edit activity.
  5. Our calendar page in PMS now supports adding remarks when you’re closing a room.

If you require any guidance in using our products with these changes, feel free to refer to any of these guides:

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