Group Reservation Form

Softinn Product Update – 2020.10.26 – v2.66.00

Hello! We have released a major update that we are very excited to tell you about.

Softinn PMS now supports Group Reservations! Instead of creating multiple reservations, you can now create one reservation for multiple rooms for multiple guests in just one form. The reservation form has been upgraded to allow you to add more rooms to the reservation. You can also specify the guest for each room added to the reservation.

The upgraded reservation form

With Group Reservations, you can also conduct group check-ins, group check-outs and generate invoices for multiple reservations. All of these can be done from the Reservation page through the functionality buttons on the right side of the screen.

Reservation Page with Group Functionality Buttons on the right

In addition to Group Reservation functionalities, you can now transfer a folio item from one guest folio to another guest folio. You can now move an item (and all other items that are related to it) to another guest folio in a reservation. If there is more than one guest folio created under one reservation, the items in the folios can be moved around according to your needs.

‘Move’ button in Guest Folio page

Apart from Group Reservations, we have also updated our Upsell module in Softinn Extranet. You can now add additional notification recipients for each item. The recipients will be notified via email.

Add additional email recipients in Upsell

If you require any guidance in using our products with these changes, do check out our online guides:

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