How To Install Booking System On Blogspot

Hello Softinn Extranet user. Even if you have a great blog website for users to view but they cannot do any reservations then it will not benefit you. Check out the video & guidelines below to find out how to add Softinn Booking Engine to your blogspot : Steps to Install […]

Where to View Softinn Payment Report?

Hello Softinn Extranet user. You can view Softinn Payment Report on Softinn Extranet now. Check out the video & guidelines below to find out where to view Softinn Payment Report on Softinn Extranet: Steps to View Softinn Payment Report: Follow the guidelines below: Step 1: Login to Softinn Extranet Step 2: […]

How to Login to Softinn Extranet?

If you are a new merchant of Softinn or if you lost your password, this video & article guide you on how to activate and login to your Softinn’s account. A) New Merchant? Login for the First Time? 1. For new merchant, you will receive an invitation email from us […]

How to Import Your Calendar from OTAs like AirBnB, and Google Calendar using iCal to Softinn Extranet

ⓘ Updates (2021.Jun.30): If you’re here looking for a solution to sync your hotel calendar, you recommend using channel manager. What is iCal? iCal or iCalendar is a computer file format that stores calendar related information like your upcoming meeting dates, your sons birthday, important reminders, etc. iCal is supported by a variable number […]