Cara Menerima Booking Request (BR)

Video ini disediakan untuk Merchant yang memilih cara tempahan Approve-Based Booking (ABB). Terlebih dahulu guest anda perlu menghantarkan Booking Request (BR) untuk mendapatkan penerimaan daripada pihak anda. Selepas anda menerima Booking Requestnya, barulah guest anda dapat membuat pembayaran penuh. Sila lihat panduan video & artikel di bawah untuk mengetahui cara […]

Bagaimana Selepas Membalas “accept” Booking Request (BR)?

Apa akan berlaku selepas merchant membalas “accept” untuk menerima Booking Request (BR)? Sila lihat panduan video & artikel di bawah untuk mengetahui perkara selepas anda membalas ‘accept’ bagi Booking Request: Apa akan Berlaku Selepas Anda Membalas “accept” Booking Request (BR)? Sila ikut panduan berikut: Menerima BR melalui Emel: Sistem Softinn […]

How to Accept a Booking Request (BR)

Hello Softinn Extranet user! Our merchants are given 2 options for their property, either selling as:- (1) an instant booker property or (2) an Approve-based booking property (ABB). For instant booker merchants, your guest will only need to check availability, book right away online and then confirm by payment straightaway. […]

How to Reject a Booking Request (BR)

Hello Softinn Extranet user! For merchants who choose to be an Approve-Based Booking merchant (ABB), this video is useful on how to REJECT a Booking Request which the requested check-in date of your property has been fully booked OR your property cannot accommodate the number of guests. Check out the […]

Introduction to Softinn BnB Management Module

Hello BnB Operator! We believe you have a number of BnBs under your management. Operating multiple BnBs at the same time is not an easy task. Check out how Softinn PMS can make your work easier! 1. Group Your Properties. This will help you to easily manage and operate multiple […]

An Introduction to Softinn Promo Code System

Malay Version on Softinn Promo Code System is available HERE or using this link to get the trial account of hotel promotion code system. Softinn Promo Code system offers you a Lazada-liked promo code system that helps hotelier in terms of creating promo code with specified criteria, managing the promotion usage, and analyzing […]