How to Create Sublet Service Contract on Softinn PMS

Hello Softinn PMS user. Are you a Property Management Company that is managing multiple properties for the owner? If yes, you’ll need to do a different service contract agreement with each of the individual property owners.  The purpose is to customize the Revenue and Expense ratio between you and the […]

How to Exclude User from Receiving Booking Email

Hello Softinn Extranet user! You are the top management/ Managing Director of the Hotel. You have the full access to Softinn Extranet. However, you would like to stop receiving booking email because you do not want it to spam your inbox. In Softinn Extranet, you can change the setting to exclude […]

Where to View the Daily Audit Summary Report in Softinn PMS

Hello Softinn PMS user, your responsibility as a Front Desk officer in Hotel plays an important role to perform the Daily Night Audit. The purpose of performing the Daily Night Audit because it completely controls the transactions that occurred for the day. It comprises of checking all reservation discrepancies, a […]

How to Add a Chat Box to Your Hotel Website in Softinn CMS

Hello Softinn CMS user. We have released a new feature whereby you can add the chatbox to your Hotel website in Softinn CMS 🙂 With the presence of chatbox, it gives your hotel an opportunity to improve your customer service experience. You can increase the communication between your guest. In addition, […]

How to Install Softinn Booking Engine WordPress Plugin

Hello Softinn Extranet user. Did you setup your Hotel website using WordPress? If yes, we have good news for you! We have released a WordPress plugin whereby you can integrate Softinn Booking Engine to your Hotel website 🙂 With these features, your website visitor can make a room booking directly […]