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Softinn Product Update – 2022-12-01 – v3.12.0

Version 3.12.0 brought significant updates to Softinn PMS. These changes are meant to address the issues on Softinn PMS Edit Reservation Form. Our Edit Reservation Form has served us well for the last couple of years. However, we acknowledge that the form is flawed as we cater to large group reservations and more complex operational features.

In v3.12.0, we introduce a better, improved Edit Reservation Flow to Softinn PMS. This flow breaks down the conventional “edit form” concept into separate, smaller modules for editing a reservation in PMS. By doing so, the process of editing a reservation is simplified, and you, the PMS user, will be able to complete the operation without any hassle.

Softinn PMS Reservation Page

The edit reservation modules are accessible from the PMS Reservation page. The following are the modules available in the new flow. You can click on the links to find out more about how to use each module.

We have also updated the PMS Reservation page, to include the new Edit Reservation flow, as well as provide more functionalities to the page. If you face any problems, please refer to our guide on Quick Navigation around Reservation Main Page in Softinn PMS.

In v3.12.0, we also introduce a new feature to Softinn PMS – Manage Group Reservations. We have separated out functions and features that are specifically for Group Reservations into this new feature. This feature enables you to view your group reservation in one place and manage the folios under the same group reservation easily.

Softinn PMS Manage Group Reservations

On the Manage Group Reservations page, you are able to edit the details of each folio in the group, as well as conduct bulk actions across all the folios in the group. To find out more about how to use this new feature, please refer to the following guidelines.

Should you face any issues or trouble using our products after this version upgrade, please reach out to our team for any assistance.

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